Do you have a property you'd like to sell? Or maybe an office space for lease? Perhaps you're a contractor looking to document your latest project so you can use it to advertise your business. In any case, we understand your need for nice, well-documented and stunning images. That's why we offer premium image services that go above and beyond to deliver the must incredible views of your property.

Creative RateS

There is a base creative fee of $150 per location for real estate related photography services. Total cost is dependent on the number of desired final images and additional options needed (see "Additional Services" listing below). Our base pricing schedule is as follows:

1 Image $150 (Creative Fee) + $100 per image
2-3 Images $150 (Creative Fee) + $75 per image
4-6 Images $150 (Creative Fee) + $60 per image
7-10 Images $150 (Creative Fee) + $50 per image
11+ Images $150 (Creative Fee) + $40 per image


  • High-definition digital images suitable for sharp, crisp online viewing and print up to 5x7 (larger versions available upon request)
  • Publishing rights for online usage and printing rights for flyers, sell sheets, etc.
  • Fill-flash lighting where needed in darker rooms
  • Basic image enhancements (so images look professional and finished)
  • Travel within the Baton Rouge Metro Area.


Basic Staging

+$60 per location

This service involves removing and/or reorganizing existing items and decor in a property to best complement each shot. This offering does not substitute the services of an interior stylist who would possibly bring in additional elements to further enhance the space.

Advanced Photo Edits and Touchups

+$15 per photo

This service is available to correct elements that could not be fixed in the staging process during the shoot.  For example; Turning brown grass green, removing dead plants or other eyesores, replacing a moody sky with a happy one, etc.

Evening Photos

+$100 per session

Shooting in the evening creates a dramatic lighting effect producing dramatic skies and a warm interior glow. This technique is recommended only for higher end properties with good lighting inside and out. We charge a premium as the time window for shooting is very narrow and we may need to supply additional lighting.

Out-of-Town Travel

+$1 per mile

For locations beyond the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area.

Site Visit / Pre-production Consultation

+$60 per visit

Some high-end locations may require advance planning and a site visit to assess the lighting situation in order to be properly prepared.  


Results are dependent on the quality of light available at the time of the shoot. The factors at play may be weather, the angle of the sun, quantity and quality of exterior and interior lighting, number of windows, color of walls, etc.  We use only high-end cameras with very sharp wide angle lenses and supplemental light where needed.  As a result, we get consistently better results than someone with a point-and-shoot camera or camera phone would.

We look forward to working with you to capture stunning images of your property or project!