2018 COMMERCIAL Rate Sheet

This document defines our services and products and includes rates for each item.

Standard Creative Rate

Our standard creative rate is $250 for the first hour, and $150 per each additional hour of shooting time. 

Day Rate

Our day rate is $1200 for 8 hours of Photographic coverage.
Our day rate is $1600 for 8 hours of Photographic + Video coverage.
Overtime is $200/hour for each additional hour greater than 8 hours in a single day.

Production Rate

Our standard rate for all pre- and post-production tasks is $60/hour.


General events have a coverage fee of $150/hour with a minimum booking of 2 hours. Separate fees apply for assistants and additional photographers.


Headshot sessions have a flat creative fee of $150 and includes one person with one outfit. Single sessions typically net 2-3 final images. Discounts are offered for organizations with multiple subjects.

1 Person $150
2-5 People $150 + $75 per additional person
5-10 People $150 + $50 per additional person
11-50 People $150 + $25 per additional person
50+ People Contact us for a quote

COMMercial Images

We create high-resolution images for commercial use such as print advertisement and online promotion. Pricing is determined based on a sliding scale model that calculates based on a creative fee plus a per-image cost, offering the best value for multiple images. Royalty-free licensing is included in the per image cost.

1 Image $150 (Creative Fee) + $100
2-3 Images $150 (Creative Fee) + $60 per image
4-10 Images $200 (Creative Fee) + $40 per image
11-20 Images $250 (Creative Fee) + $30 per image
21-30 Images $300 (Creative Fee) + $25 per image
31-50 Images $350 (Creative Fee) + $20 per image
50+ Images Contact us for a quote