Bret Lovetro 
Photographer Extraodinaire


Lovetrolux is a mash-up of my last name, Lovetro and Lux, a term of latin origin describing a specific measurement for light. I looked it up once and thought it sounded cool, so there you have it!


But before there was a name, there was just a boy with a camera and a dream to create beautiful images and share them with the world.

TMNT pocket 110 camera with electronic flash. 

I got my first camera from good old' Saint Nick back in 1990. It was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 110 16mm Film Camera that added an overlay of Michelangelo to the bottom right hand corner of every photo. I took pictures of everything I could point it at. The quality was about what you would expect from a $15 camera and almost nothing was ever really in focus, but it ignited my passion for capturing images.  

Sony Mavica MVC-FD83. Look at that disk drive!

Sony Mavica MVC-FD83. Look at that disk drive!

In 2000, I was given a Sony Mavica MVC-FD83. It was an early digital camera that could produce a 1 Megapixel image! It could record 4 photos onto a single 3.5" floppy disc which had me constantly scrambling to find empty cards. Looking back, it was pretty funny carrying around all those floppies for just a few images, especially on my first trip to Jamaica where I had about 20 or so in my backpack.

At this point I knew next to nothing about the technical nature of cameras. But there was something very alluring about being able to capture that perfect image at just the right moment and I couldn't help but continue on that journey.

It wouldn't be until 2006 before I got my hands on a proper DSLR camera. I started learning, practicing, experimenting and falling in love with the art of photography.

Since then, I've been shooting everything from portraits to products. I absolutely love the experience of meeting new people and coming up with creative solutions for them. My camera has granted me many treasured experiences through moments and relationships that have helped shape who I am today both as a person and a photographer.

I love what I do and really enjoy connecting with new and interesting people, be they clients or enthusiasts. So give me a shout if you'd like to work together or just grab a drink and talk shop!

Bret Lovetro is a digital artist and freelance photographer from the New Orleans metro area with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.